3 Tips to Manage Stress at Work

3 Tips to Manage Stress at Work

Got Work Stress?

Here are 3 tips to handle stress at work.

APRIL 2, 2019

Manage Your Stress at Work

Work can be stressful, whether it’s your coworkers, or a frustrating boss, or if you are just having a bad day, you are not alone! I often wonder, what is the point of stress and why does it consume so much of our life? I've decided, stress is just a silly, little, undisciplined child that needs comfort and guidance to reach its’ full potential. I am sure we have all had success stem from being under stress! There must be a middle ground, right? From that thought, I started “googling” stress relievers at work and found a few pointers that stood out to me. The American Psychological Association gives interesting pointers on how to identify, track and cope with the stressors found at work. Here are a few pointers from their great article, https://www.apa.org/helpcenter/work-stress:     

1.Track Your Stressors-- Keep a journal (on your phone, in your computer, on a notepad, etc.) for a week, or two to figure out the main stress triggers and how you respond to them.       

2.Develop Healthy Responses-- At work, you can be limited to how you get to respond to stressors. Try to take a bathroom break, giving you the time to walk away and force breathes that would otherwise be held in. Even take your phone to the bathroom and find a funny video, or meme

that will make you laugh, after all, it does take more energy to frown than it does to smile!


3.Establish Boundaries-- Yes, even at work, you can set your own boundaries that will allow you to be efficient at your job without draining yourself. After identifying your stressors, you will be able to

implement boundaries that will help prevent the implosion of stress; i.e., not allowing yourself to enter a meeting unprepared, making sure you are in the right head-space for your next call, taking a few deep breaths before moving to your next task. 

These are just a few of the many pointers from that fabulous article! Who knows, you might find yourself reading this newsletter, or that article on your next bathroom break!

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